About Shubham Chaudhari

At the age of nineteen, I approached my father and told him that I wanted to be a photographer. The following day, my father gifted me my first camera. And that was the start of a lifelong commitment to the craft. 

With the support and guidance of family and friends, I established myself as a fashion photographer. I remain indebted to my parents for giving me the opportunity. 

I enjoy creating the drama inherent in shooting genres like Editorial and Fashion where human beings are carefully “arranged”. The expressions on their face, their gestures and moods, their clothes and movements, every detail, in fact, is part of the “setup” that sells something a product. 

Then there’s the whole process of blank to built-up, which poses a unique challenge, where he begins with nothing but bare walls each time. Slowly the impedimenta of the shoot arranges itself around him. The elements come together one by one – the model, the crew, the make-up artist, lights, wires, stands and finally he and his camera. They create a momentary, buzzing self-contained universe. 

I greatly admire Benjamin Von Wong and Lindsay Adler. The simplicity of their images is pulsated across their work-flow from uncomplicated lighting, styling and minimal post-production through to the final image. 

By nature outgoing and always true to myself, I savour my relationships with people always trying to understand what makes them tick, what makes them comfortable. He extends that same understanding of the models he shoots. He is fortunate to call a lot of them his friends, perhaps because he looks at each of them as individuals.